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Our History

Our world and our Church universal have a shortage of male role models. This has many implications for the current life of the Church and the transmission of the faith to the next generation.

This has been a significant challenge for the family, the parish and for raising young men committed to Christ. We need many more men who are ready to commit to transforming our world, the parish and the Catholic family. We all know the many negative statistics around men not being properly socialized – domestic violence, multiple children with no responsibility for raising them, underperforming academically, drugs and addictions etc. Nearly twice as many women enter UWI every year as men. This is frightening for the future harmony and development of our Church and nation. It is therefore important that we work towards an increase in the number of men in the Church.

National Catholic Men's Ministry

The National Catholic Men's Ministry (NCMM) is the Archdiocese of Port of Spain’s determined response to awaken the men of our Church and to invite them to offer themselves as a critical group which God will use in rebuilding the body of Christ.

The NCMM is an umbrella under which all men's ministries in our Archdiocese belong and participate. We seek to bring together all the established men's groups in the Archdiocese to participate in holistic masculine formation and to evangelise men.


Forming Catholic men for leadership of the family, Church and nation.


Catholic Men, disciples of Christ for the 21st Century building a civilisation of love in the family, Church and nation.

Core Values:

Christ-Centeredness, Servant Leadership, Co-Responsibility, Hospitality, Communication

NCMM Leadership Core Team:

Rev. Lennox Toussaint
Rev. Derek Walcott
Dr. Peter Timothy
Br. Kyle Dardaine

Allan Julien
Leonard Birmingham
Matthew Hall